Ab Roller Wheel


The Perfect Ab Carver


Strengthen your core, arms, shoulders and back all in one smooth motion. The Ab Roller wheel elongates your spine to work muscles on both sides of your body at the same level while generating more muscle activity than normal crunches. Ab Wheel is ergonomically designed to use the full range motion of your body to maximize the workout.
– HIGH QUALITY – Designed to withstand total body-weight and to remain sturdy during use. Sturdy metal support through middle ensures the Ab Roller remains stable and is able to withstand years of use.
– DUAL-ACTION WHEELS will not slip on any surface type and will not fall apart during use. Material is friendly to the environment and easy to clean.
– PRODUCT FEATURES – Dual action wheels increase the user’s stability and ensures an efficient workout no matter what surface this equipment is used on. Traction-tread wheels prevent sliding, foam-grip handles makes for a more comfortable workout, and strong metal shaft ensure wheel can withstand total body weight.
– EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Easy-to-use assembly instructions are included inside the box for your convenience. Very simple to assemble and disassemble from anywhere. Portable, lightweight and GREAT FOR TRAVEL for on-the-go athletes to take with you anywhere.

Ab Wheel Roll-outs Guide: