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Fascia Massage Peanut




Stimulate the senses and increase circulation while releasing muscle tension with Fascia Massage Peanut.

Same spike design as the massage balls to promote recovery of sore, tight, and tired muscles, but these are in the shape of a peanut. This shape contours to the body’s form and covers a wider area.

The firm points wake up sensory receptors in the body, which not only increases blood flow to local areas but makes you more aware of your body and how it moves. Performing simple tactile and imagery exercises, like slowly swiping your foot across the Fascia Massage Peanut or rolling through the arch, will relax tense muscles while preparing the foot for weight bearing and increased movement.

The organic profile of the Fascia Massage contours to the body, offering an invigorating massage when rolled along the calf or any tense muscle group. The rolling, kneading motion releases soft-tissue adhesion, liberating the fascia and restoring natural movement.


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