Resistance Tubes Set



Resistance Tubes Set- 5 Pieces Resistance Bands:
– 1 x Yellow (5 lbs.),
– 1 x Blue (10 lbs.),
– 1 x Green (15 lbs.),
– 1 x Black (20 lbs.) and,
– 1 x Red (25 lbs.).
Each of the five provides different weight resistance between 5 to 25 lbs., with a total resistance weight of 75 lbs when clipped together. You can adjust the intensity of the tubes to match your personal workout goals.
– The whole set is packed in a small storage bag includes 5 resistance band, 2 Padded Handles, 2 Ankle/Foot Straps, Door Anchor and Travel Pouch, extremely easy to set it up for exercise at anywhere (indoor,outdoor), perfect for traveling, work, or gym.