Agility Speed Ladder


– IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS – Take your footwork skills to the next level by increasing your speed, strength, and agility! Use the included 12 cones to be quicker and faster than any of your opponents!
– EASE OF TRANSPORTATION – Making it very easy to transport all your gear with you wherever you go! Train indoors or outdoors!
– ADJUSTABLE RUNGS – Heavy-duty nylon straps with adjusting rungs will suit any athlete’s size. Adjust the rungs all the way out! Space the rungs out or move them closer together for different footwork exercises!


The price depends on the length:
– 5 rungs: 200,000 vnd
– 7 rungs: 300,000 vnd
– 9 rungs: 400,000 vnd
– 12 rungs: 550,000 vnd
– 14 rungs: 700,000vnd