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Performance Weight Lifting Belt




Whether you’re a regular trainee, an advanced lifter or a beginner, protecting your back while training with weights should be a priority. Not only will you keep your back safe, you will also increase your stability and performance while lifting weights. Increasing pressure to your core through our lifting belt will make you feel safer and increase your core stability giving you much more confidence handling heavy weights.

* Main Features:

-5.5″ Wide Ultra-Light Nylon Belt with Reinforced Back Support: Provide Maximum Protection and Stability.
-Double Belt, Heavy Duty System, with High-End Materials: Increase Performance and Durability.
-Reinforced Core With Easy-Tensioning, Heavy-Duty, Stainless Steel Slide Bar Loop: Fast and Easy Adjustment
-Flexible, Breathable and Extremely Light-Weight Design: Ensures Maximum Comfort and Versatility


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