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To be fit is to be healthy. Only then we can truly enjoy the lives and the world around us. By understanding the modern lifestyle of most people we can help you with being healthy and happy. Back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, migraine, obesity, stress and depression are the most common problems of modern societies. The good thing is it all can be prevented and/or treated by healthy habits and incorporating physical into your life.

We understand that everybody is different and therefore required an individual approach to fitness training; we are ready to offer the best service in the area. By knowing that a ‘One Fits All’ attitude will never address individual goals we commit to a personalised service as much as possible.

Each long term membership client  can count on initial consultations, fitness assessment and basic nutrition guidance.

All of our Individual and Coaching Program clients will receive much more thorough advice from their trainers and coaches.

Individual training

We are ready to tailor programs for each member who seeks a specific goal and assign a personal trainer to lead you closely and thoroughly at each training session.  With our team of experts we serve clients in their quests towards: improving health, gaining strength and fitness, bodybuilding, muscles toning, weight loss, performance enhancement, injury prevention, post injury physiotherapy workouts, body toning, Martial Arts and self defense. [more]

Coaching program

We can help you with initially planning your program and let you do most of the work yourself. Once or twice a month we will provide you a session to monitor your progress and update your plan. If you are training for a sport and need enhancement or are an accustomed gym visitor looking for occasional advice this program is the perfect option. [more]

Group classes

Our classes include Yoga, Full Body Cross-Fit Style Circuit Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), TRX Suspension Training, Targeted Area Workout through Kick4Fit Cardio-Kickboxing, competitive and non-competitive Kick Boxing and Boxing classes for traditional Martial Arts and self defense systems, like ITF Taekwon-Do. All of our classes utilise safe and effective exercises specifically designed to target specific muscle groups.

By joining our classes you could burn calories with the rate of up-to 1000 kcal/hour. [more]

On-Demand services

We will try our best to accommodate you by offering on-demand or in-home sessions provided it is within our ability.

As well as our scheduled classes we also offer After School Activities for a number of International Schools as well as unique small group classes designed for specific goals. These include: Baby and Me Fitness class for newborn babies and mums, self-defense courses, corporate fitness sessions, team building boot camps and specially designed children programs.

We are more than happy to customise exercises and fitness plans considering different needs and abilities of children, teenagers, adults and senior members.

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Each and every single one of our clients is important and we are eager to provide the best services possible, including:

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