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For local and long term residents, we suggest using the long term continuous membership.

Our fees vary depending on the range of services that you are interested in using, such as: Only Free Weights, Free Weights and Cardio Machines, Facilities & Classes, Only Yoga. These are just a few examples, we are more than prepared to discuss individually the options most suited to your needs.

Long Term Continuous Membership assumes a long time commitment and continuous uninterrupted membership payments. In order to maintain the member status the following membership period payment must be settled prior the current membership period expires.

Introduction 1-on-1 Session

Joining Body Shape Fitness Center on a continuous basis also entitles you to one inclusive Personal Training session. The session can be used according to the client needs and requirements.

We recommend you a postural assessment as the first priority. Correct posture and body alignment is a most important factor in eliminating aches resulting from sedentary lifestyle or poor habits. Body assessment will allow you to recognize a problem if existing and plan a strategy to implement corrective exercises to improve it.

Body composition (fat percentage and lean body mass) analysis together with basic macro-nutrition recommendations based on your goals is also available to joining members.

The initial consultation does not include training program or any written material following the session. You are welcome to take notes as you wish though. In order to follow with more precise programming either on a personal training basis or personalized coaching, please refer to our service offer.


Membership Freeze Policy

Members are entitled to 2 freezes during the membership calendar year. Good membership standing is a condition for obtaining the membership freeze. After notification to Body Shape administration the freezing period will be free of charge added to the membership duration.

You must inform us in advance of a request to freeze a membership, providing a minimum of 1 week’s notice before the expected freeze date. Members can inform us of their request to freeze using any available option, such as: Telephone, E-Mail or Face-to-Face at the Gym. Failing to inform us of the freeze request and interrupting the planned payments will result in membership cancellation, this could have a long term effect on your account standing with us if you reinstate your membership.

Membership Rates are available upon filling the request form below,  at the gym or through direct phone or email contact.


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