Tanja Kangasniemi

Mariusz Steckiewicz is a very gentle and humorous martial art instructor with world wide known exceptionally deep knowledge about punching and kicking technique or just about any other movement that is meant for making you stronger and healthier. He has been coaching several world champions and guiding technically different martial art clubs across the countries with a great success. Even in the late thirty-something I can see myself improving and getting stronger day by day – by hard practice, correct technical and mental guidance and scientifically based training.

There is no better feeling than getting in better shape, more flexible and energetic as I age. Mariusz’s knowledge about cardiovascular health is outstanding and he certainly knows how to set up a proper training for the very worn out beginners or elite athletes depending on one’s need. He is a really cheerful – incomparable professional coach.When you have the correct spirit and Mariusz has the correct tools – there is no limits.

Tanja Kangasniemi
Taekwon-Do Tornio Club,