Matt PT

Fat Loss, Rehab, Movement Restoration, Hypertrophy, Functional Training

Matthew is an English Qualified Personal Trainer, born in 1990.

Leaving college behind to work at the age of 20, he had been through a couple of jobs without being able to find his passion in any of those after 5 years.
One of his hobbies after the stressful working hours is going to the gym to workout and watch people training around. Day by day, he started to realize how important it is to work out properly, to understand how every bit of the body works, to keep a healthy diet, and to be able to control how his body will look or be like. He started doing research to learn more about fitness and found himself suddenly have a strong interest in it.
However, being able to know how to train properly didn’t seem to be enough. He started thinking about being able to help other people to train, he dreamed of inspiring his passion of fitness to other people by training them and helping them to reach their fitness goals. With all that dream and passion, he signed up for a fitness diploma qualified by Trainfitness, called Advance Personal Trainer & Life Coach. He recently educates himself in Rehab and Movement Restoration, focusing on Injury Management, Recovery, and Movement Preparation.

His life had turned into a new page as he at the time, had finally found a passion to live with. While studying, he did a part-time job at a gym in his town to be able to observe and learn more about the PT’s practical work and knowledge.

To Matthew, one of his key factors to success in his passion is he never stops learning. He always tries to keep learning about his profession, improving his training skills, and getting to know more about his clients’ expectations. “It’s never too late or enough to learn and study what you are passionate about!”

Matt, is constantly updating and upgrading his knowledge, acquiring skills to assist his clients in their healthy progression towards their goals.

Matthew’s key strengths:
⁃ Fat Loss
⁃ Movement Restoration
⁃ Rehab Training
⁃ Strength Hypertrophy
⁃ Circuit Training
⁃ Functional Training

⁃ Fitness Instructor
⁃ Movement Restoration Coach
⁃ Rehab Trainer