Galina PT

Full Body Circuits, HIIT, Cross Training and Conditioning, Yoga Flow, Core Strength Training

I am Galina and I am using functional fitness to burn fat, shape the mindset, and awake energy. The area of my interest in working with people is to create a positive attitude towards training and get all the benefits that come with it.
When I am training people I want to help them with their mental approach as much as with their physical approach. My aim is that every workout should make you feel good, empower you, increase your confidence, and improve your functional fitness in everyday life. This is what keeps your training sustainable and enjoyable. Whether it’s fitness for life or six-pack for the summer, let’s get started to sweat with me and create a habit to workout.

It’s important for me to adapt training so that it meets your fitness goals and suits your personal preferences because I understand that different things work for different people.

One of my favorite types of training is a challenging mix of weighted and bodyweight exercises. It can be a high-intensity circuit packed with jumpings and plyometrics, it can be a low-impact strength and cardio workout, or a blend of core and yoga movements.
I have been always passionate about fitness, and over the last 7 years I have been focusing on research, study, and a professional side of it. I’m currently a student of the American Council on Exercise, a fitness instructor in Body Shape gym and an internationally certified yoga instructor.