Darren PT

ITF Taekwno-Do, Kick Boxing (WAKO), Youth Strength and Conditioning

Darren has spent over half of his life involved in martial arts. A 3rd degree blackbelt in Taekwon-Do, he has worked as an assistant instructor in his native Ireland before moving to Vietnam. Experienced in training both children and adults, he loves to help people become more confident as a person while also developing as an athlete.

As an athlete himself, Darren has competed and medaled in Ireland, Japan, and the UK in both Taekwon-Do and kickboxing. He was also a coach for the Maynooth University kickboxing team and a member of the University of Kent kickboxing team. Darren acquired a Personal Trainer qualification for the ACE (American Council on Exercise) and continue to develop his expertise as an athlete and a coach.

As a coach, Darren enjoys teaching group classes to both children and athletes. He can tailor martial arts training to your preference be it general fitness or competition. He believes in a sports science approach to martial arts. His main athletic interests include: 

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Sports enhancement coaching
  • Sports performance enhancement
  • Traditional Taekwondo and kickboxing techniques
  • Self-defense 
  • Youth and Children fitness.

Darren believes that everybody has the ability to be special. We just need to use our bodies and minds in the right way to get there.