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Considering fitness activity as part of everybody’s life we offer programs for people of ALL ages. Regular exercising should be a habit just as natural as brushing teeth regardless of the social status, age or education. It is the best therapy we can have for most of our health problems.

Senior FitnesNatural and regular though, it still should consider and respect everybody’s limitations, medical conditions and physical abilities which may vary significantly from person to person.

Treating our service seriously we have programs designed for each age group separately. It is also becoming more common to see seniors stepping into the gym and training or a regular basis. We are dedicated to helping everybody and making this experience as pleasant as possible.

Our Senior Fitness Program may range from initial consultation and education in regards to Seniors’ exercising to small groups or personal 30-minute or 60-minute sessions.

Practice is mainly oriented towards regaining optimal movement,  balance, stability, cardiovascular fitness improvement and strength.

Training sessions are conducted by highly qualified staff in safe and convenient environment. Having known that training doesn’t always come easy and may appear a little intimidating or uncomfortable we have possibility to arrange a private training space for our members convenience.