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Postural Assessments and Fitness Tests

Optimal posture can help your health and make you look better. A posture assessment is an evaluation to determine whether you have good posture.

Proper posture helps muscles function properly, decreases abnormal wear of joints that could lead to arthritis, reduces backaches and muscular pain, reduces fatigue and contributes to a good appearance. Headaches and lower-back problems are often due to poor posture. A posture assessment will analyze how you hold your body against gravity and find posture problems that can then be corrected.

Dependent on the need of an each individual, we utilize a variety of assessment methods, like: static posture assessment, range of motion assessment, Functional Movement Screen (FMS), individual primary movement assessment.

A posture assessment includes educating the client on how to correct posture problems detected in the assessment. After going over the results, specific corrective exercises and stretches are recommended to help resolve posture abnormalities. The assessment may also include instruction on how to correct a posture towards more optimal while standing or sitting.

As part of the health data collection Fitness Tests are available to evaluate client’s Fitness Level. Tests are performed according to client’s specific goals and current needs. These tests may include basis strength and endurance tests or/and cardiovascular fitness level.