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Training is about reaching for personal goals. It can’t get any more personal than Personal Training. We offer fully customized training programs and sessions under the strict supervision of one of our expert personal trainers. The timings and program are entirely adjusted to your level, needs, interests and availability. For the whole one-hour or 30-minute session you get a trainer exclusively for you to take care of your safety, monitor your progression, cuing your movements, motivate you and offer any advice you would need regarding your training.

Years and years of experience of our coaching staff will save your time and energy to go through the mistakes yourself. We have the knowledge so you don’t need to worry. Nobody is an specialist in everything and you don’t need to be in the science of sport. Our trainers train regularly and educate themselves to use the knowledge working with people who have need and desire to become expert in training. Sport is a science and it develops quickly. Our trainers stay updated in their expertise so you don’t need to.

Our trainers are experts in their respective fields. They are qualified and experienced in both practicing AND coaching in various areas of training. Choose wisely according to your goals as the expertise range varies from trainer to trainer. Personal Training is about the trust. It is a special form of relationship which must be established beyond only telling you what to do. We think about your goals and well-being first.

Our trainers goal is to ensure that tomorrow’s version YOU is a better one than today’s.

It is very simply: when you are sick you go to doctor. If you want to train you need to know how. We are here to take you through the process the most effective way.

There is no better way to use your training time effectively.