Workshop: Reduce Pain in the Office Environment

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Workshop: Reduce Pain in the Office Environment

Stiff and sore from hours parked in front of your desk at work? You’re not alone. Figures suggest that up to 56% of office workers experience low back and upper back pain at any one time. And this doesn’t take into consideration those who might also be suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain.
One of the most common issues we deal with and questions we get asked on a daily basis are in relation to neck and back pain in the workplace. How can I reduce the pain…should I get a stand-up desk…should I get a new chair? The questions are endless yet not many understand the cause and more often than not just a small adjustment in a sedentary lifestyle can make a huge difference.
The best posture is the next posture, and we are specialized in keeping you pain-free.

In this workshop you will get:
– How to address your pains: neck, shoulder, back pain
– What is the best practice management
– Stretch and strengthen to relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain
– Postural assessment
Rehab Master Trainer Mariusz Steckiewicz

Free (Body Shape members); 400.000*vnd (Non-members)

Paid at the Body Shape Reception or bank transfer before the deadline date September 4th.

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Date: Sunday, 6 September 2020 from 09:00 UTC+07-11:00 UTC+07

Venue: Body Shape – Gym Thao Dien