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Free Weights and Machines

Entire ground floor is filled with free weights and resisted training machinery. The high quality of equipment and the variety of tools that we provide will ensure you can workout on every muscle that you desire.

We have 4 stand-alone squat racks plus two additional squat stations available for the serious trainees.

Two Deadlift platforms for both Power and Olympic Weightlifting will satisfy every heavy lifter. The total bar load we can provide amounts for 325kg.

We have a wide selection of dumbbells weighing from 1kg to 50kg, Barbells, Kettlebells from 4kg to 48kg, Cable Station, benches and machines for each major muscles group to assist you with building your muscles exactly how you want to.

If you like to focus on glutes development we have two great pieces of equipment: Glute Ham Developer and the Hip Thruster.

Whether you are a Gym Rat or a Novice, this room provides everything you need for high quality weight lifting training. If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the heavy machines, stop worrying, joining our gym will provide you with a complementary free personal training session which you can use to get an introduction to all of the equipment that we provide. In no time at all, Body Shape will feel like your home away from home.

For those who like to incorporate harder conditioning elements into your weight lifting routines we have Battling Ropes, Tires and a Spinning bike set up right in the weight lifting room for your convenience.


If Free Weights are not your style, we have fair selection of Fixed Movement machines occupying big part of our second floor.