warrior fit
  • 3rd floor
  • 60 min

Warrior Fit is a combat sports inspired, Whole Body Conditioning class.

It is well known fact that Martial Arts are second to none when it comes to calories expenditure and fat burning.
Format of this class mimics typical fighter’s athletic preparation program. You will use entire body in a multi directional movements often loaded by Kettlebells, Ropes, Slam Ball, ViPRs, etc. You will punch, kick, slam, throw, jump, push, pull.

It is a high intensity session during which your heart will rave, and the fat will burn. Despite the combat association it is a non-competitive and non-contact class. Each class is different, and each class is intense.

If loosing extra kilograms or improving your fitness condition are on your priority list, then Warrior Fit class is a must-to-go option.