Core strength and stability
  • 45 Min

This course has been developed to help you improve your core strength and stability. Your body’s mid section consists of a group of muscles in the abdomen (including the abs), the lower back and lats. The primary purpose of these muscles is to stabilise your spine, preventing it from moving or shifting whilst performing exercises that could otherwise be damaging to your health.

Numerous researches have repeatedly shown that stability training is much more beneficial for your core than traditional flexion exercises. This type of training is also much safer as regularly flexing your spine in the same risks leading to disc herniation.

Nowadays a large proportion of the population is suffering from some form of lower back pain on a daily basis. In line with our philosophy here at Body Shape, we don’t just want to help you resolve back pain issues, ultimately we want to prevent them.

With few simple movements you can strengthen your core muscles to allow your body to perform in the way that it was designed to perform.

You are only as strong as your core is.