Is weight lifting good for women?

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Is weight lifting good for women?

Almost every time I meet a new female client and ask her about her goals. The first thing I usually hear is actually not what she wants but what she doesn’t. And the thing most of ladies don’t want is to get “bulky”. Saying this they often look at the weights with some sort of fear/hate in their eyes.

Well ladies, here is the thing:

– Unless you are a man,

– Supplement testosterone,

– Over eat your nutrition demand,

– Follow very intense and mass gain oriented program,

– Are extremely gifted with your genetics,


You can get strong if you try hard enough, which most of ladies don’t.

Ladies usually look for losing some fat from here and there and “getting to shape” (whatever it means).

So, if that is your goal: science is very clear about it: Lifting weight is the most effective way to lose fat and maintain lean muscles and your optimal weight longer.

LIFT HEAVY!!!Weight lifting women

1. Your metabolism is responsible for the fat to be used or stored.

Low intensity steady pace cardio results in redaction of fat AND muscle mass. As your muscle mass drops so does your metabolic rate. As your metabolic rate decrease it get harder for the body to burn extra fat. Remember that as your do cardio your body adapts to the intensity and gets more efficient in usage of the fuel which in this case is supposed to come from fat stored in your body.

2. Calorie expenditure is directly related to the intensity of the workout (regardless of the energy system body uses).

Kettle Bell Swing for fat loss

Running steady cardio usually uses higher percentage of the calories from fat BUT the total calories output is lower than during higher intensity training. So instead of 30 minutes on a treadmill, grab a Kettle Bell or a Rope and swing it for 20-30 seconds for 5-6 rounds with 30-40 seconds rest.
3. After steady pace cardio your body returns to the average metabolic rate within 2 hour.

Only high enough intensity workout sets your body into an oxygen deficit state which keep your metabolic rate elevated even up to 24 hours after your workout.

4. Lifting heavy and focusing on big muscles groups will make you stronger.

Focus on big muscles groups will increase intensity and burn tons of calories.

Resistance training allows you to get stronger and more toned by at least maintaining muscles mass or building up a little bit of it while reducing fat. So you get better shape while becoming healthier.

Squat for fat loss

5. Most of ladies want just to look good

  • When you are strong your metabolic rate if higher; you burn more calories.
  • When you are strong you are more confident; confident is sexy.
  • When you lift weights and you do it correct you also work on your posture; when you have good posture you look hot.
  • When you are strong, confident and hot you are more positive. Positive makes you healthier and there is nothing more sexy, hot and attractive than a positive woman.