Shanti PT

Yoga, Pilates, Body Alignment, Core Strength and Stability, Prenatal and Postpartum Training

I did my yoga TTC in the Himalayas with the Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2012 and my Pilates Mat I TTC with Ory Avni who is affiliated with the Physical Mind Institute at Zenith Yoga, Hanoi, Vietnam in January the following year. In October 2014, I completed my Pilates Mat II Certificate with Ory Avni who now has her own brand, Body and Mind Flow. I’ve also attended several yoga and Pilates classes and workshops in India, Thailand and England.

I am also a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor.

I do enjoy seeing how other teachers teach or present a pose or exercise. I believe that you can never learn enough about teaching.


Before getting into yoga and Pilates, I took up several forms of martial arts which led me to take up Exercise and Sports Science in the University of the Philippines. For this reason, my teaching cues tend to have a huge focus on anatomy. The workshops I’ve attended with Hart Lazer, Romek Grzeszykowski, Peter Scott and Dominique Renucci have taught me a great deal about proper alignment and adjustments.


Getting into Pilates and yoga made me more aware of my body: what it is as of the moment, how it can improve and how this improvement can better one’s lifestyle in the long run. And, I do enjoy passing on this awareness to my students. My classes have a slow and steady pace that give the students the time to know their bodies and the movements that they are doing. I believe that each yoga and Pilates class that we attend is not just for present gain such as losing weight or being toned but an investment to our future well-being.


During the four years that I’ve been a yoga and Pilates teacher, I’ve taught for Zenith Yoga, Studio Five and Motion Gym as well as held private classes in residences and hotel gyms. On top of that, I’ve done some workshops for Quest festivals.


I’m currently teaching in Yoga Living in District 3 and Body Shape in District 2 in Saigon, Vietnam.