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Cotton Boxing Handwraps




Boxing Hand wraps can protect hands when you are in boxing, martial arts, kung fu training. People think, generally, hand can be fully protected after wearing gloves. Not fact. If you don’t use the bandage to make hand bone in the relatively fixed position, hand bone is easy to injury after long time training.

Material: 100% cotton
Size: 3.5m X 5cm, 4.5m X 5cm
Color: Red, Yellow, Black, Blue

– Be widely used to wrap around your hands, knuckle areas and wrists to get support to prevent serious injuries
– Suitable as hand wraps bandaging inside boxing gloves and other martial arts application.
– Absorbing sweat
– Nylon fastening design
– Setting at your required fits.
– Suitable for taekwondo, boxing, martial art competitions and daily training

Package included:
2PCS Boxing Handwraps


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