Elise Zachert

I have been working with Mariusz since September 2012, and I couldn’t be happier.
He has made me stronger, more toned, and more motivated to pursue a healthier lifestyle.
Mariusz is a wonderful trainer because he personalizes your exercise program to fit your
tastes and your goals. He is extremely knowledgeable about the way the body works and
he critiques your technique so that you’re getting the most out of each exercise and
also so you won’t injure yourself. Ultimately, I have remained with Mariusz for such a long time
because he makes working out enjoyable. We talk, we laugh, he encourages me to go harder and
do more and at the end gives me good feedback. I would highly recommend Mariusz to anyone
who has weight loss/fitness goals and wants to be trained by a professional,
who’s also a father, and also a friend. Thanks Mariusz!
Elise Zachert,
Ho Chi Minh City, 2013